I am from Love

I’m participating in the SheLoves Synchroblog today. The theme is heritage in recognition of South Africa’s Heritage Day. The idea was to poetically explore where you come from.

I am from streets that stay light all night with people talking and walking under my window. The screen still smells metallic and slightly bitter in my nose. The adrenaline of fear for our safety lingering under the surface of family love.

I am from long days at home, sitting in the square panels of sunshine as they creep across the floor. My sister and mother murmuring above my head at the large square table that is only laid at birthdays and Christmas.

I am from cups of tea with creamy milk and sharp cheddar and wheat thins. And turkey and gravy and the most perfect fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes ever tasted.

I am from Adirondack pine and clear, clean Schroon lake. The fourth of July fireworks bursting to celebrate my growing independence. And salty Ocean Grove sand between my toes. And feeling infinite with the crashing waves pulling me deeper into the deep.

I am from a hundred cousins, raucous and demanding- struggling to make your voice heard then shrugging to add your yell to the common chaos. I am from lonely daydreaming in fantasy worlds. I am from Narnia and 18th Century England and Middle-Earth and Green Gables.

I am from art supplies neatly under my bed- then spilling out of my closet in the house of my own. I am from the melting swirls of brilliant color that rush in slowly when introduced to a stroke of clean water.

I am from hippie homeschooling, carefully painting our van in vivid colors of excitement and learning about animal droppings as we hike through the woods, a baby always on the back of my father. From “think for yourself,” and “don’t give up” and “try again”

I am from the wild west cowboys and pioneers- hard and independent. I am from Irish immigrants- loud and celebratory.

I am from alcoholism and mood disorders and anger that leaves scars even with healing and grace and time.

I am from hard conversations and honesty and I am sorry.

I am from loyalty above all else. I am from Love and Truth woven so tightly into the fabric of my being I forget where and when I learned it. I am from Love.

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One Response to I am from Love

  1. susan byrne says:

    i came before you from the same love….happy birthday mommy…we miss you….

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