St. Columba’s Prayer (remixed)

For Lent I’ve been reading some Saints’ prayers and St. Columba’s prayer inspired me to rework it for my own life. Sorry for the self-indulgence. . . but then again what is blogging but the ultimate self-indulgence?

St. Columba’s Prayer for mothers of small children

Sometimes in the blur of morning teeth being brushed and clothes put on and figuring out what healthy breakfast with which to fill their bellies before the shoes and coats go on and we are out the door-

I stand and listen

Sometimes a verse, or still small voice, his quiet will or peace does come.  

But sometimes not.

Because the outside voices are so loud in incessant demands of time, attention, love and need.

I’d give my left arm for a quiet and lonely cell, in which my prayers would rise like steam off the top of my tea, undisturbed by the breath of too many mouths needing.

They expect that I can see the answers, they think I am wise.

I answer (hopefully with patience) I only have as much love as I have been able to receive.

Sometimes in the quiet of naptime

I stand and listen.

But more often I am distracted by my new library book, or social media or the dishes piling up in the sink and the house project I was supposed to finish two weeks ago.

And I’d start a battle too, if the promise was it would end in a quiet and lonely cell.

But then I am reminded each act of love is a form of creation.

And what is love without people upon which to pour it?

Sometimes in the chaos of my life- in the presence of my God

I stand and listen.

Easter 2013,vacation, city trip 006

#reallife. Just in case you think we’re always super-artsy.


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